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We refer to them as public toilets, but we mostly rely on private facilities in the United States to serve the restroom needs of Americans outside their homes. If you’re a suburban American on the go who needs to go, you’re most likely to go at work or at your favorite gas station, coffee shop or hotel lobby (genius, I know).

One of the best parts of the pandemic lockdown was the removal of public restrooms from my daily life. I didn’t appreciate it until heading back out into the world and reacquainting myself with the state of public toilet facilities in America.

What’s changed since 2019? Nothing. In fact, shit has gotten worse. Labor shortages have definitely impacted businesses’ ability to keep restrooms clean for customers.

I’m not obsessed with germs, but I am choosy when it comes to public facilities. I gravitate toward businesses that offer a consistent clean experience from location to location — preferably paired with a tasty treat.

GasBuddy’s Summer Travel Survey shows that 37% of American drivers top roadtrip fear is needing to use the restroom, but not knowing where to stop for a clean experience.

The gas station and fast food industrial complexes serve as America’s public toilet safety net. Culver’s, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle and Starbucks top the lists of cleanest fast-food restroom each year, but one gas station chain stands in a league of its own.

Buc-ee’s, a convenience store chain out of Texas, builds 60,000 sq. ft. locations with 33 urinals and 50 toilets to go with the 180 fuel pumps. They are incredible to experience, and the toilets are hands down the cleanest of any gas station or fast food restaurant. It’s their thing. They’re pretty up front about it.

Buc-ee's Billboards

Buc-ee's Billboards

Buc-ee’s delivers the best bathroom experience at every location, and they are rewarded with long lines and a cult following.

Could the “Best Restroom Experience” be branded and productized? What if businesses outsourced their toilet facilities to a third party. Let’s call it Top Toilets.

Top Toilets delivers the cleanest restroom experience for your customers, so your employees can focus on everything else. 95% of customers look for businesses that use Top Toilets when deciding where to shop.

Fast service businesses already outsource pieces of their operations: beverages, linens, hood vent cleaning, floors, windows, grease removal and delivery. Frequency of service is the only difference between outsourcing your restroom cleaning and laundering your tablecloths.

The Top Toilet Offer

  1. Top Toilets provides your existing facilities with a nightly deep clean and multiple cleaning checks throughout the day

  2. Top Toilets installs, maintains and supplies all dispensers, paper, soap and drying equipment as well as all the cleaning and sanitation chemicals and tools

  3. Top Toilets services your plumbing and fixtures

  4. Your Top Toilet Team is alerted and put in route when customers use the no-touch Top Toilet Tablet to report service needs

Some content for your pitch deck

Top Toilets scales to support this model by assigning team members to territories. Everything is tracked in real-time and additional support is automatically routed to areas before any overflow.

Team members are equipped with cleaning tools engineered to support the unique needs of multisite complexity. Not every restroom is the same, but our tools adapt each job to the Top Toilet Proven Process. “The double-t double-p is the gold standard procedure for toilet sanitation.”

To deliver the best, you have to own the experience, and you have to have vision.

Top Toilets doesn’t just clean public restrooms, they’ve written the book on usability. Their we-needs-going based design approach to spaces, surfaces, and materials has produced toilet facilities that serve people safer, cleaner and faster.

Top Toilets will design, install and maintain restroom experiences for Bobby Flay’s new Las Vegas restaurant.

Top Toilets to launch their first standalone restroom experience in Venice Beach, CA.

Now, go build this.